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Our Story

We are a family-run business on a mission to challenge the traditional wine industry. Our aim is to breathe new life and excitement into the English Wine market through our viticultural and wine-making innovations.


Our vision is to create unique wines from carefully selected Earth-Friendly vines™

which can be cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Founders Liz, Tim, Caroline and James, are a close-knit family and have long held a dream to establish an environmentally friendly, innovative and experimental vineyard. The family are the proud custodians of the beautiful 30-acre site and have come together to embark on this family venture.

A small boy and his dad walking between the rows of vines.
A small boy and his mum walking alongside a stream in a wood towards the sunset.
A winter sunset over the pond in the water meadow.
First year growth a a grape vine.
A small boy exploring the wildlife around the pond in the water meadow.

The North Cornish coast has always been a special place for us, from holidaying here as children to honeymooning out the back of a split screen VW camper van in the '80s. When the 30 acre site of arable farmland and overgrown woodland came on the market in 2021, it was the perfect opportunity to put our ideas into practice and The Atlantic Vineyard was born!


After years of research and finally finding the right site, we were ready to start preparing the land, converting 7.5 acres of South West facing potato and barley plantings into the Vineyard. It took almost a year, working with local farmers to get the land ready for the vines, and the same amount of time to source our new Earth-Friendly vines and import them from Germany and Italy; then in May 2022 we were ready... and the planting began!

Our mission is to work in harmony with the plants and the land, with a respectful appreciation of the natural ecology which defines the special character of our vineyard. We are working with the Soil Association to gain Organic Accreditation and pride ourselves on being completely off-grid, generating electricity from solar and wind power, sourcing water direct from our bore-hole, and installing a bespoke waste treatment plant. 

We are excited to share our journey with you!

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