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The Vineyard

The Atlantic Vineyard is a family-run business on a journey to develop a sustainable and innovative English Wine business in a wonderful rural location on the outskirts of Newquay, Cornwall. 

We are a pioneering vineyard and, to our knowledge, the only vineyard in the UK that grows exclusively a new variety of Earth-Friendly Vine™ that is particularly suited for the Cornish climate. We will be producing organic wine from the Earth-Friendly Vines grown exclusively in our vineyard. 


Our mission is to create a destination in Cornwall that attracts like-minded people from across the country to visit and experience our holistic approach to setting up and running a vineyard. We want to create “good wine for good people.”

Organic and Sustainable

We pride ourselves on creating a truly organic and sustainable vineyard. We are registered with The Soil Association and are undergoing conversion to achieve Full Organic Status at the same time as our first commercial crop of grapes are available in a couple of years' time. 

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A Special Location

The Atlantic Vineyard is situated in 30 acres of beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Newquay, Cornwall.

Over the past 12 months we have converted 7.5 acres of our South West facing land into a unique and innovative vineyard. 

A Unique Selection of Earth-Friendly Vines™

In 2022 we planted 14 varieties of a new hybrid vine that we imported from Europe. These vines are particularly suited for cold climate viticulture and are also naturally hardy and disease resistant.


This means we are able to avoid using harmful chemicals and pesticides in the vineyard, making us truly organic and ecologically friendly. 


Our vines include exciting new varieties including; Divico, Pinotin, Solaris, Muscaris and Johanniter, and will produce a range of distinctive and unique red and white wines.


An Innovative Approach

Where possible we are pursuing ground-breaking techniques and technologies to run a sustainable vineyard and business.


We are completely off-grid, generate our own electricity via solar panels and wind turbines, have our own waste treatment plant and draw water from a bore-hole.

In Harmony with Nature

We are passionate about working in harmony with the natural ecology and landscape. Since 2021, we have been carefully managing and clearing the overgrown areas to make space for not just the vines, but also wildlife havens that enhance the natural bio-diversity of the vineyard.

Three spring- fed ponds in the water meadow field help to attract the local wildlife, and our ancient woodland area has now been made into an accessible nature trail. 

Our efforts to encourage wildlife into the vineyard have been rewarded and we have regular sightings of deer, owls, rabbits, ducks and many other animals. 


Community Focused

We are keen to collaborate with like-minded people and local businesses to create an inviting space to come together. If you would like to collaborate with us, or are interested in getting involved in our exciting venture please drop us a line at

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