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Organic Wine from
Earth-Friendly Vines™ 

Coming soon...!

Wine bottle, glass, and corkscrew

In 2022 we planted 14 different varieties of a new hybrid cross vine that we imported from Europe. We now have over 6,000 of these Earth-Friendly Vines™ growing across the South West facing slopes of our 7.5 acre vineyard including Divico, Pinotin, Solaris, Muscaris and Johanniter amongst others.

Our aim is to create a selection of delicious organic English wine including Red, White, Sparkling, Rose and a non-alcoholic alternative all from the vines grown exclusively on our Vineyard: "Cornish Wine from our Cornish vineyard."

It is going to be a couple of years before our vines are ready to produce a commercial harvest. In the meantime we will be partnering with selected European vineyards already growing the same varieties of Earth-Friendly Vines that we have planted in our vineyard. We will be bringing across a few bottles of these delicious wines for you to taste when you visit The Atlantic Vineyard.

Our Wine

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